We develop for our customers illuminated Control / display panel for the civil and military aviation, according to commercial and military standards to the production stage. With our own optical filter technology, we are independent of imports for NVIS applications. We produce and deliver prototypes for integration/qualification at the customer and provide after successful qualification in batches series modules.



Quality assurance

Our quality assurance accompanies your project from development through the prototype to series production. Any issues arising are identified in FMEA process and worked out solutions. Regular Milestone meetings / reports the customer is during the entire duration of the project informed about the current project status.




Our engineering team in the areas of design, hardware / software design and lighting technology guarantees with its know-how optimal development according to your specifications.

  • 3D M-CAD from the design phase through to the creation of the documentation and the necessary software for controlling our cutting machines, plastic and metal.

  • E-CAD for circuit design, analysis, PCB design, documentation.

  • Computerized lighting analysis for Luminance and Chrominance for the corresponding proof of performance, according to the required standards.


Procurement / production

We cooperate with qualified and audited suppliers for surface finishing, printed circuit boards (PCB) and their placement. The production of the panels in metal or plastic, testing and inspection of electronic assemblies, final assembly and final testing carried out in the house by our qualified staff. The entire procurement and production process we thereby accompanied by our quality assurance and documented.